15 Sep 2014

[Another one] of the inherent contradiction(s) of the Left

I previously wrote a piece on how Lefties are contradictory when they simuntaneously protect women's right to their bodies in Abortion debates, while refrain from the same protection in Labour Market debates. I added the Wage Gap vs Profit-Seeking Contradiction a few weeks ago. Here's another amusing contradiction:

We Want to Help the Poor!

Yesterday, citizens all over Sweden laid their votes for what kind of socialists ought to rule their country over the next four years. The Parlamentary situation is peculiar, to say the least:

Neither proper socialists (in red) nor the conservative/liberal socialists (in blue) want to cooperate with Anti-Immigration socialists (in yellow), which means effective governing is bound to get interesting. 

Anyways, the weeks leading up to election time has obviously been chaotic, with politicians on the streets, on tv and even phone calls tried to persuade the voters where to lay their vote. I met a guy representing the Social Democrats, with whom I argued a bit. He justified his position of taxation/redistribution with the following:

We Want to Help the Poor

Now, that's an admirable trait, I suppose, Morality/Theft/State Oppression set aside. But let me have a look at that statement. 
  • Almost 100% of the poor on the Planet live outside Fort Europa.
  • You raise and maintain Physical as well as Trade-related barriers against all Non-EU countries 
  • You prevent third-world farmers, the poorest of the poor, to sell their crops within Fort Europa.
  • You tax the entire economy, using some of that proceeds to subsidise inefficient farmers within the European Union
  • You destroy crops to maintain high prices for your own wealthy farmers, while effectively keeping the poor alienated
  • ... and for the few lucky ones who actually make it past Frontex or Immigration Authorities, you effectively price them out of the labour market by Minimum Wage laws or Union activity.
And while all of this is happening you're campaigning for redistribution among and within the top 5% wealthiest people on the planet?

You're not helping the poor. You're HARMING the poor with your protectionist measures. You're killing the poor with your subsidies, with your Inflation. And all of this you justify by your concern for the poor. 

You're not helping the poor. You're a hypocrite. You're disgusting. Arrogant. Egotistical to the point of narcissism. Everything you accuse the Market, the Liberals and Conservatives for. Disgusting. 

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